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Solid Dosage Processing News & Events



Company Profile

O'Hara Technologies Inc. is recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment, with new innovative products coming to the market...

NEW Continuous/Batch Tablet Coater

As an experienced manufacturer of cutting edge solid dosage processing equipment, O’Hara Technologies Inc. is introducing a new FASTCOAT Continuous Coater (Model FC C500). This new model will be a proud addition to our family of continuous...

O'Hara Labcoat IV Newsletter


This NEW LABCOAT ™ IV tablet coating machine (63-190 Liters) provides flex production capacity with versatility & interchangeable...

NEW Labcoat Benchtop (LC BT)

Labcoat Benchtop Tablet Coating System: 

Labcoat BT is a compact self-contained laboratory caoting system.


- Built in Watson...

Containment Tablet Coating Systems

 The Containment Labcoat is a product line of Multi-pan laboratory and production coating system with containment for highly potent API'S.


- Permanent solid isolator of stainless steel c/w hard plastic windows and...