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NEW O'Hara Continuous/Batch Tablet Coater

As an experienced manufacturer of cutting edge solid dosage processing equipment, O’Hara Technologies Inc. is introducing a new FASTCOAT Continuous Coater (Model FC C500). This new model will be a proud addition to our family of continuous production equipment.

With this latest innovation in continuous coating technology, O’Hara is addressing the needs of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies to coat over 3200 kg of tablets (at 3% weight gain) within an eight hour period. The FC C500 can replace up to six production coaters (48” pan diameter) with a single unit. By minimizing GMP space and maximizing output this design offers an ROI that is irresistible. The FC C500 is flexible enough to run in both batch as well as continuous mode with zero wastage. The larger version of continuous coater FC C1200 can coat up to 1200 kg/hr @ 3% weight gain.

All of our equipment is designed in-house and fully supported through a global network of agents, service technicians and company offices.

If you need more info, please contact our Marketing Manager Ms. Bahar Bahary at 905-707-3286 - Ex: 233.


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