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Our philosophy is to become a trusted partner in the business of our clients around the world by providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions, proactive customer support and value-added consulting services related to improving the performance of solid dosage processing equipment. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, O’Hara Technologies assembled the industry’s best service specialists and support professionals from around the world. We offer a complete trouble free care of equipment throughout the entire product life cycle.

Installation & Start-up  
Let our experienced professionals do a prompt and accurate installation to get your manufacturing process up and running in the shortest time frame.

IQ, OQ & Calibration Services
There are no technicians who know O’Hara equipment better that an O’Hara crew. Let us eliminate the risk on non-conformance and start your operations faster.

Preventive Maintenance
Our scheduled inspections eliminate potential problems before they occur, decreasing downtime and improving production efficiency.

Site Equipment Audits
We keep our systems optimized. There is opportunity for a sufficient performance enhancement with help of our process studies.

Operator Training
O’Hara offers 40 years of experience in tablet production and process equipment operations to help our customers to improve their performance.

Up-grades & Adds-on
With life cycle management you make good equipment technology even better, continuously improving the efficiency of your equipment.

Certified Part Replacements, Repair &/or Exchange
You get the right parts at the right time, certified and guaranteed; with trouble free operations you gain peace of mind.

We accept telephone payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.