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Conventional Coating Systems - Multiple Pan Conventional Coating Systems

O'Hara's multiple pan conventional coating systems are fully customized. They range from 3 up to 14 pans installed in one system. Hinged inlet and exhaust air ducts are used to direct conditioned air into the conventional pan reducing batch times. Permanently install solution distribution circuits allow an automated control system to dispense solution at a repeatable rate decreasing batch-to-batch variation traditionally seen with manually operated systems. Solution preparation skids ensure that an ample amount of coating material is prepared for dispensing for extended period of time. With the addition of desiccant drying units the overall process time is further reduced.

Bases for Multiple Pan Arrangement

  • Drive gear motor helical-worm
  • Carbon steel base, painted
  • SAE 1045 heavy duty drive shaft
  • Motor disconnect lock-out switches prewired to each gear motor


  • Inlet and exhaust air plenums
  • Base wall shrouding
  • Munters desiccant air dryer
  • Dosing system
  • Syrup preparation tanks
  • Control system
  • Spraying systems