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Conventional Coating Systems - Production Scale Conventional Pans

Sugar Coating is usually the aqueous solution of coatings based predominantly on sucrose as a raw material. The coating leads to a 35% to 100% weight gain. Sugar coating is used to significantly improve stability, apprearance and odor of the product, as well as make it easy to swallow.

O'Hara's production conventional pans have an optimized design for thorough coating and great cleanability. These systems have unique pressed in anti-slide ribs that regulate the flow of tablet bed inside coating pan, creating a better angle for spray gun than traditional pans. Available spray systems have a high impact flat spray pattern with narrow spray angles for uniform spray distribution.


  • en or close base
  • Vented access doors
  • Drive – 208,220, 400, 575 Volts
  • 50 or 60 cycle gear reducer & T.E.F.C motor
  • Sanitary design
  • Drive gear motor helical-worm
  • Carbon steel base, painted
  • SAE 1045 heavy duty drive shaft
  • Maximum 150 PSI