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Fluid Bed Dryers Granulators - Pilot Fluid Bed Dryers / Granulators

O’Hara’s pilot scale fluidized bed processors have a self-contained compact design with built-in air handling unit and controls. It performs drying, granulation, and top or bottom spray coating. This unit is ready to operate once connected to electrical power and compressed air. The standard unit housing is constructed entirely of polished stainless steel. The operating panel is a fully enclosed light touch film interface, for reliable operations. User-friendly controls require minimum operator training. Many process recipes can be memorized by the system; all process parameters can be recorded and printed.


  • Compact self-contained equipment
  • Mobile design with color touch screen
  • Built-in air handling unit
  • Automatic controls
  • Easy process viewing
  • 12-bar construction available
  • Ready to dry aqueous base granulation
  • Organic solvent usage (optional)
  • Top spray granulation (optional)
  • Bottom spray coating
  • Data print-out