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Fluid Bed Dryers Granulators - Production Fluid Bed Multi Processors

O’Hara’s Fluid Bed Multi Processor performs granulation of fine powders by spraying aqueous or a solvent binder solution onto a fluidized powder bed (top spray granulation) or by concurrently spraying aqueous or a solvent binder solution into a segregated dilute phase powder stream bottom spray granulation. The process variables can be adjusted to account for changes in the product particle size, bulk density, and flow characteristics. Production capacity of these pieces of equipment varies from 30 kg up to 500 kg.


  • Narrow particle size distribution for granulation
  • Simple, cost-efficient design
  • Top and bottom spray systems available
  • Compressed air only for atomization gas
  • Air stream conditioned from fluid bed air inlet
  • Shock resistant fluid bed processor design
  • Shorter time of agglomeration
  • Dust-free closed system
  • Double separate filter shaking system
  • 304 stainless steel frame
  • Air distribution plate
  • Quick release bottom screen
  • Air flow probe
  • Inspection light window
  • Mating flanges
  • Product temperature port and probe
  • Oblong view window in expansion chamber