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System Components & Accessories - Spray Systems

Anti-Bearding Spray Nozzles

Anti-bearding spray guns are designed to significantly reduce the buildup of dried coating on the nozzle, decrease clogging and allowing little or no operator intervention during the coating process. As a result, this type of spray guns improves containment and decreases the operations downtime. The air cap ensures homogenous liquid distribution, with a very fine, uniform and reproducible drop size distribution.

  • Unique design that reduces failure, bearding and plugging of nozzles
  • Smooth, self-draining surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Elliptical flat jet with separate connections for atomizing and pattern air
  • Maximized uniform spray distribution
  • Minimized overspray
  • Energy savings in adjustable fan air settings
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved product quality


PCA Spray Arm

The PCA spray arm and air plenums are designed to direct the airflow through the tablet bed with virtually no overspray. It comprises individual blocks which have one nozzles each. Due to modular design the spacing errors between the nozzles are elliminated. PCA systems designed for the application of aqueous tablet solutions (6-60 ml/min).

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Greatly reduced risk of process interruption or failure
  • Improved cleanability
  • High spray quality
  • Reliability


Sugar Coating Spray Systems

Automated airless spray systems are used for sugar coating. These systems allow both intermittent and continuous spray procedures. Sequential intermittent spraying process consists of consecutive cycles of liquid and air. There are three stages of this process: dose, roll and dry. The system includes high-pressure sugar-dosing nozzles and an air powered high-pressure solution pump.