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System Components & Accessories - Wash In Place

WIP systems can be completely configured to the end users specific needs.  Designs ranging from portable simplistic arrangements to fully involved systems are supplied.

Standard WIP cycle is 45-60 minutes (not including the filling of the wash tank). WIP / CIP skid is fully integrated with process controls. The system directs sufficient flow and pressure of water to remove residue inside the coater. It requires purified water for GMP standards. There are a few different cleaning cycles that vary depending on the complexity of cleaning. After cleaning the water goes to a Waste Water Treatment System or recirculates back into the system. The process is recipe controlled for repeatability.

Typically designs include:

  • Potable water storage tank.
  • Purified water storage tank.
  • Detergent tank(s).
  • Main pump.
  • Recalculating pump.
  • Detergent pump(s).
  • Washing nozzles (coater mounted).
  • Manual/automatic control.

WIP systems are available as stand alone units for alternate processing systems or they can be provided.


  • Standardization of the cleaning process
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Tracking data and report generation
  • Energy conservation
  • Labor efficiency
  • Waste and chemical reduction
  • Conformity to industry standards
  • Conservation of cleaning solution
  • Cleaning of the areas, that are difficult to access
  • Important part of Total Containment