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Tablet Coating - Pilot Coating Systems - LABCOAT IIX / III

LABCOAT is a product line of multi-pan laboratory coating systems with interchangeable pans. Our fully-perforated drum with a 51% open-area provides maximum air flow and high efficiency heat transfer resulting in less utility consumption. Anti-bearding spray guns significantly decrease clogging, allowing little or no operator intervention during the coating process, improving containment and decreasing the downtime. The PCA nozzle arm and air plenums are designed to direct the airflow through the tablet bed with virtually no overspray.

This systems are equipped with self-programming automated controls. The operating panel is a fully enclosed light touch film interface, for reliable operations. User-friendly controls require minimum operator training. Many process recipes can be memorized by the system; all process parameters can be recorded and printed. 3 password level security is provided. Comprehensive sensing and alarm systems protect process quality and provide real time data.

An integrated, fast and effective wash in place systems are offered for all models of production coaters. An effective high pressure washing pump guarantees a high performance cleaning process.


  • Integrated or remote air systems
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzles
  • Aqueous and solvent designs
  • Fully perforated drum
  • Automated and manual control
  • User friendly operator panel
  • Coating pan lifter
  • Coating pan rack
  • Explosion-proof controls
  • CE declaration of conformity


  • Easy coating scale-up
  • Production flexibility
  • Complete turnkey operation (option)
  • Simple operations with a refined design