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V-Shell and Conical Blenders - Production Tumble Conical Blenders

The folding, spreading, and cascading action of a Conical Blender provides a rapid, homogeneous blending of dry and semi-dry materials. The end over and revolving action moving materials in and out of a restricted area results in a thorough intermeshing of the products into a uniform mix having blend variations of 1-2%. Due to its low profile, the Conical Blender requires less headroom than equally sized “V” Shell blenders.

For applications requiring improved efficiency, optional deflector cones can be installed over the shaft area of the standard Conical Blender, or alternatively a special slanted shell body can be furnished.

As with the “V” Shell Blender, Liquid/Solids agitator bars and Solids Pin bars are available for incorporation of liquids, de-agglomeration, and dispersing of minor ingredients. Alternatively, the blender can be supplied with convertible shafts for future installation of agitators when initially these options are not required.

Batch working capacities range from 1 cubic foot to 250 cubic feet based on a normal fill level of approximately 55% of total capacity.


  • Drum loading/unloading
  • Sanitary finishes
  • 304 stainless steel with 316L product contact
  • Blending of dry or semi-dry materials
  • Batch capacities from 1 cu.ft to 100 cu.ft
  • Liquids can be added via nozzles and dispersed with precise control
  • Spray nozzle assemblies
  • Optional explosion-proof controls
  • Variable speed drives
  • Vacuum loading