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V-Shell and Conical Blenders - Production Tumble V-Shell Blenders

Utilized for applications ranging from gentle blending to intensive mixing.  A uniform blend is achieved by the intermeshing action of two inclined cylinders.  This combines precise blending with short blending times. Tumble blending is most suited to products of uniform size and density, and where requirements for fast, through cleaning are desirable such as in sanitary applications.
For the dispersion of minor ingredients and/or de-agglomerating of materials, the blender can be equipped with a Solids Agitator Bar (high or low intensity design), which is cantilevered design for ease of removal.  To incorporate liquids, the bar drive shaft is cored and equipped with a rotary union to inject liquids between the internal beater disc assembly as a finely atomized spray throughout the product mix.

Batch working capacities range from 1 cubic feet through 150 cubic feet based on a normal fill level of approximately 60-55% of total capacity.


  • Drum loading/unloading
  • Sanitary finishes
  • 304 stainless steel with 316L product contact
  • Blending of dry or semi-dry materials
  • Batch capacities from 1 cu.ft to 100 cu.ft
  • Liquids can be added via nozzles and dispersed with precise control
  • Spray nozzle assemblies
  • Optional explosion-proof controls
  • Variable speed drives
  • Vacuum loading