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Fluid Bed Dryers Granulators - Products

Laboratory Multi-Purpose Fluid Bed Systems

O’Hara’s laboratory compact, self-contained, fluidized bed processors are optimal pieces of equipment for R&D and laboratory facilities. With capacities between 1 to 5 kg, they are...

Pilot Fluid Bed Dryers / Granulators

O’Hara’s pilot scale fluidized bed processors have a self-contained compact design with built-in air handling unit and controls. It performs drying, granulation, and top or bottom spray...

Production Fluid Bed Dryers / Granulators

O'Hara's production fluid bed dryers / granulators (FBDG series) are most suitable for mixing powders, drying granular crystalline, coarse or similar material in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals,...

Production Fluid Bed Multi Processors

O’Hara’s Fluid Bed Multi Processor performs granulation of fine powders by spraying aqueous or a solvent binder solution onto a fluidized powder bed (top spray granulation) or by...