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System Components & Accessories - Products

Wash In Place

WIP systems can be completely configured to the end users specific needs.  Designs ranging from portable simplistic arrangements to fully involved systems are supplied. Standard WIP cycle is...

Spray Systems

Anti-Bearding Spray Nozzles Anti-bearding spray guns are designed to significantly reduce the buildup of dried coating on the nozzle, decrease clogging and allowing little or no operator...

Control Systems

All O'Hara's equipment is equipped with self-programming fully automated controls (standard or advanced). The operating panel is a fully enclosed light touch film interface, for reliable operations....

Air Preparation

All air handling units are modular in design achieving flexibility with process and installation requirements. Depending on the unit selected the air flow can range from 1000 cfm(1,700 m/hr) to 8000...

Dust Collection

under construction