Continuous coaters represent a transformative advancement in pharmaceutical manufacturing, offering unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and quality in tablet coating processes. Designed to operate seamlessly without interruption, these cutting-edge systems streamline production, optimize resource utilization, and elevate coating uniformity to unprecedented levels.

With over fifteen years of expertise in perfecting our Fastcoat™ Continuous tablet coating technology, O’Hara Technologies stands as the global leader in this innovative field. Our continuous coaters are engineered to revolutionize traditional coating methods, delivering superior performance while minimizing GMP floor space and utility consumption.

From shortened production cycle times to improved coating uniformity and versatility in production capacities, continuous coaters redefine the possibilities in pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing. Experience the future of coating with O’Hara Technologies’ Fastcoat™ Continuous Tablet Coating Technology, where innovation meets excellence to drive your operations forward.


Shortened Production Cycle Times

Our continuous coaters significantly reduce production cycle times, enhancing overall productivity and throughput.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Fastcoat™ technology utilizes less GMP floor space and utilities compared to traditional batch coaters, maximizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Improved Coating Uniformity

The nature of continuous coating allows for a shallower tablet bed, resulting in less product damage and improved coating uniformity. Tablets pass under anti-bearding spray nozzles at a higher frequency, ensuring consistent and uniform coating application.

Versatility and Scalability

Our patented technology offers a wide range of production capacities, catering to varying throughput requirements. Whether it’s 75, 500, or 1200 kilograms per hour nominal throughput rates, our coaters provide the flexibility to adapt to different production demands.

Zero Waste Recipe Control System

O’Hara’s Zero Waste recipe control system ensures that every tablet is coated to your exact specifications, from the first to the last, minimizing waste and maximizing product quality.

Ultimate Versatility

Our continuous coaters can also function as fully automated batch coaters, offering unparalleled versatility in production processes. From pilot to scale-up and full production, our coaters adapt seamlessly to your evolving needs.

Experience the future of coating with Fastcoat™ Continuous Tablet Coating Technology from O’Hara Technologies, where innovation meets excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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