At O’Hara Technologies, we understand that success in manufacturing relies on more than just primary equipment; it also requires the support of high-quality auxiliary equipment and accessories. These components play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, functionality, and safety of your production processes.
Our comprehensive range of auxiliary equipment and accessories is meticulously designed and manufactured to complement our primary equipment offerings. From conveyors and feeders to dust collectors and granulators, we provide everything you need to optimize your manufacturing operations.

With O’Hara Technologies, you can trust that our auxiliary equipment and accessories are built to the same high standards of quality and reliability as our primary equipment. Whether you’re looking to streamline material handling, improve product quality, or enhance workplace safety, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Backed by decades of industry experience and a commitment to innovation, O’Hara Technologies is your trusted partner for all your auxiliary equipment and accessory requirements. Let us help you achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and success in your manufacturing endeavors.


Drum Tipper

Solution Tanks



Pan Cart

Air Handlers

Unloading Scoops

Pan Racks

Exhaust Fans

Bin Blender Insert

Conveyor Belts

Pan Lifter

Tray Drying Oven Insert

Touch Screen HMI

Dust Collector

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