Retrofitting existing equipment represents a strategic approach to enhancing performance, prolonging equipment life expectancy, and tailoring systems to meet evolving requirements. At O’Hara Technologies, we specialize in retrofitting solutions that breathe new life into older systems, ensuring they remain relevant and efficient in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape.


Improved Performance

By updating components such as spray systems, controls, air handling, and exhaust systems, retrofitting enhances the overall performance of existing equipment, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Extended Equipment Life

Retrofitting extends the life expectancy of aging equipment, providing a cost-effective alternative to investing in entirely new systems. This approach maximizes the value of your existing assets while minimizing downtime and disruptions to operations.

Customization to Requirements

Retrofitting allows for customization to specific requirements, ensuring that equipment aligns perfectly with evolving production needs and regulatory standards.

Integration of New Technology

O’Hara Technologies’ retrofitting solutions leverage new and improved technology to modernize older systems, bringing them up to par with the latest industry standards. This integration enhances reliability, precision, and performance, resulting in optimized production processes.

Cost-Savings and Shorter Lead Times

In addition to retrofitting existing O’Hara systems, we also offer used or demo equipment, providing cost-saving opportunities and shorter lead times compared to purchasing brand-new systems. This allows for more efficient resource allocation and faster implementation of manufacturing solutions.

At O’Hara Technologies, we are committed to maximizing the value of your equipment investment through innovative retrofitting solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us today to explore how retrofitting can optimize your manufacturing operations and drive long-term success.

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