Labcoat™ M Coating Systems (0.4 kg - 10 kg)

O’Hara’s best-selling series of laboratory coaters, the Labcoat™ M offers a compact self-contained tablet coating system for research and formulation facilities. The Labcoat™ M allows for flexibility through a wide range of interchangeable pans – from 0.4 kg to 10 kg of working capacity. This unit is equipped with an anti-bearding spray nozzle, built-in peristaltic pump, supply and exhaust fans, and a user-friendly operational panel. It is a fully validated, “plug-and-play” system, which requires minimum installation effort.

The Labcoat™ M5 & M10 offer 3-in-1 capability by incorporating blender and tray dry oven inserts together with coating pans, which make it a multi-purpose system that would allow performing numerous stages of production with one piece of equipment. This solution requires much less capital expense and reduces required GMP space, bringing great savings and improving the rates of equipment utilization. O’Hara’s 3-in-1 concept expands the capabilities of laboratory and R&D facilities by allowing our customers to enlarge their scope of drug development projects.

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  • Aqueous and solvent designs
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzle
  • Built-in supply air-handling
  • Built-in exhaust filtration
  • User friendly operator panel
  • Coating pan rack available
  • Mesh pans available
  • Tray drying oven insert available
  • Blender inserts available
  • Factory validation available
  • CE declaration of conformity


  • Portable and self-contained
  • Easy coating scale-up
  • Minimum installation required
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Minimum GMP space required